Come join us for a trial class and experience the joy of learning about the Arabic language and culture at Abjadiyah.

Serving children and their families in Washington DC Area

Welcome to Abjadiyah

Meaning "alphabets" in Arabic, Abjadiyah's mission is to preserve Arabic as living language, one that aims to enrich the lives of children through linguistic, artistic and cultural activities in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Abjadiyah offers Arabic language workshops, in Modern Standard Arabic, for children ages 4 - 16 at various levels of proficiency. Using its own unique and flexible curriculum that aims to inspire passion for the language, students love to learn Arabic and at the same time they are challenged academically. Kids learn Arabic, both written and spoken, in a collaborative, interactive, and hands-on activities and storytelling. Story characters and activities are incorporated into the curriculum ​to supplement the diverse learning styles of each individual student.

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