​​​​min - bayti, A 1-to-1 class, In-Person or Virtual 
The class is customized to your child's individual needs. Colloquial Arabic is introduced hand in hand with the written Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). An engaging and fun class for ages 4 - 17. 

min bayti, Private Classes for the ADULT LEARNER
The class is customized to your your professional & personal goals. Colloquial Arabic is introduced hand in hand with the written Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). Colloquial-only classes are offered upon request.

In-Person Weekly Program on saturday
Our signature and in-demand program since 2006, is back for Fall 2021 after the lockdown in March 2020. You & your child will be a part of the Abjadiyah in-person community. Your child will learn in a collaborative, hands-on activities in a fun & warm environment with a unique curriculum & an innovative pedagogy

min - bayti, A Virtual Group Class 1-to-1 
In addition to the Abjadiyah program, we will bring educators, artists & storytellers from far away to enrich your child's experience in a small class size, 4 - 8 students maximum in a virtual class. 

Abjadiyah's unique program offers written & spoken Arabic lessons at various levels.
Developed over the span of 13 years, the Abjadiyah curriculum comprises 10 different levels of proficiency, with each level pertaining to a specific age group and linguistic ability. Each level is designated a certain theme and accompanying, which the class traces and follows throughout the school year. 

Abjadiyah classes are taught to small groups in order to provide a supportive and engaging environment where students feel comfortable learning a new language in an inclusive setting. We bring the same experience to our virtual classes.


​​Since January 2020, we have been offering the same program in our online classes!

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