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"Our two sons have been attending Saturday morning Abjadiyah classes for the past three years. It has been a magnificent... read more

Assil and Zayd, Potomac MD

Abjadiyah is an independent, non-profit, community based, educational organization that was established to give future generations the chance to step into life with a solid command of the Arabic language and a strong understanding of its rich heritage and culture.

Determined to keep the Arabic language alive in the lives of her two American-born children, Norma Mansour-Najjar decided on a seemingly-impossible task of raising her kids in a home that appreciated multilingualism and cherished the rich language and traditions of her native Lebanon.

With her passion for Arabic fueled by the loss of the language amongst first generation Americans of Arab descent, Mansour-Najjar founded Abjadiyah in 2006 with the intention of introducing the Arabic language to heritage speakers and non-heritage speakers alike. An architect by trade, she designed the curriculum under the mentorship of Dr. Rose Hawi to inform students with collaborative instruction and hands-on methods in a rigorous yet approachable manner.

The Story of "Abjadiyah"​

​Today, Abjadiyah has placed itself at the forefront of educational and linguistic development based on groundbreaking teaching methods dedicated to meeting the individual needs of the children with a wide spectrum of backgrounds in the Arabic language. Its unique, story-based curriculum spans over 10 instructional levels, each provided to enhance the creativity and innovation of the 21st century learner.

About Us

What our parents have said:

“The teachers are great. I like the way they make learning fun for the children. My son just loves it!”

Reem, Washington DC

“Abjadiyah changed my life because it exposed me to the Lebanese community and gave my child the will and desire to learn more Arabic.”

Dina, Mclean VA