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Developed over the last ten years, the Abjadiyah curriculum comprises 10 different levels of proficiency, with each level pertaining to a specific age group and linguistic ability. Each level is designated a certain theme, with an accompanying story which the class traces and follows throughout the school year.

Sigharouna I & II - Ages 4 to 6

Meaning "Our Smallest," this class introduces one letter of the Arabic alphabet per week. To ensure that the children form connections between the Arabic alphabet and various Arabic phrases, stories, and traditions, Abjadiyah has worked to develop original songs that correspond to each letter.

With a focus on identifyiing one's surroundings, such as food, family members, animals, and colors, the class aims to build and expand children's vocabulary. Conversational and dialectical language skills are another aspect of the class, with various greetings and farewells emphasized throughout the class.

Dajajat Iskandara I & II - Ages 6 to 8

Dajajat Iskandara I and II follows the story Dajajat Iskandara (meaning "Skandara's hen") and the Wawi, or fox, who live on a farm with a number of other farm animals. The class introduces both a letter and a phrase of the week; with the help of these, students trace the various antics of the animals through interactive methods such as acting and role-playing. 

The stories of Dajajat Iskandara ultimately introduce the basics of reading and writing to the children, as well as develop proper pronunciation skills and conversational skills. 

Raja w Raji I & II - Ages 7 to 10

In Raja w Raji I and II, students build on their previous linguistic knowledge through the interactive stories of Raja and Raji, two mischievous young boys and best friends. In this course, students are introduced to more complex sentence structures and grammatical concepts.

With an emphasis on strengthening written and spoken language skills, the class can cater to students with prior knowledge; however, it is also structured to easily incorporate beginners into the classroom with its reinforcement of the Arabic alphabet and basic foundations of the language.

Jad w Layla I & II - Ages 9 to 12

This course is centered around the journeys of characters Jad and Layla, who travel through various countries in the Arab world and learn about their different cities, traditions, and rich histories. Cultural context is emphasized more than ever in this class; through the stories of Jad and Layla, students are also able to recognize distinctive viewpoints that can only be acquired when learning a foreign language.

Besides mapping out the geographical layout of the Arab world, students should also be able to read and comprehend basic texts as well as develop their thoughts into sentences and paragraphs.

Kibarouna I & II - Ages 12 to 16

Meaning "our oldest," Kibarouna I & II is esigned to develop the language skills of middle to high school students. Kibarouna I & II exposes students to Arabic poetry, art, and music through the works of renowned Arab artists, writers, sculptors and other cultural figures. By studying celebrated pieces of art, students both enhance and expand their prior knowledge of various grammatical concepts, vocabulary, sentence structures, and writing techniques. The course also fosters a deeper understanding of Arab culture, with an emphasis on familial structure, customs and traditions, history, and architecture.

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